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Prophetic dreams about the stock market bottom
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Biggest Homebuilders Grab Market Share as Demand Returns

Foreign Exchange trading up 21%-- Adios $

2005-01-12 07:32:11 by puro

Did the Romans curse Caligula, or only in historical retrospect?
"Forex trade volumes hit record levels
By Jennifer Hughes in New York
Published: January 11 2005 17:26 | Last updated: January 11 2005 17:26
Foreign exchange trading volumes leapt to record levels in the first week of 2005, according to EBS, the largest interbank trading platform, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Average daily volume for the week on EBS reached $162bn, up 21 per cent on the same week last year and considerably higher than the average of about $100bn. Total volumes for the week were $811bn.
Trading in FX products over the CME’s Globex electronic platform last week was up 182 per cent over the same period in 2004, and pit-traded options volumes were...

Online Chatter Affects Stock Returns  — Science Daily

... (now an assistant professor at the University of Houston) are publishing their study in the academic journal Marketing Science on how online chatter -- or user-generated content -- can predict stock market returns a few days ahead of time.

Maximizing the election-year boost  — InvestmentNews
Surprisingly, we can predict stock market performance with that degree of accuracy if we consider that over the past 21 presidential-election years, 18 have shown positive returns for the S&P 500. According to “Presidential Puzzle: Political Cycles and …

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