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If you’re seeking a method to area the stock industry and are available out on top. you ought to take into account investing in some share market software program This can be a very important tool for any individual that this really serious about their stock portfolio and it could possibly be crucial in keep on best of what you’ve income dedicated to the software program that you simply might be looking at is going to become a intensive tool that could assist you keep track of crucial facts Index and stock pricing is gonna become monitored and if you will discover any trends is possible to help keep track of this as wellShare industry software program is something that you simply will locate quite a few of the most effective stock brokers working together with right now.

because it will enable them to view what’s going on when not in the marketplace floorYou might also likegames downloads This may let those to produce trades and or obtain stock right from their pc and this may save timeLike The ProsIf you’ve got ever wanted to tackle the stock market like the pros.
you must wish to be sure to buy share industry software This can be an excellent tool within your trading collection and you will not regret the actual acquire Computer software of this kind will allow you to become front and center from the action and you will possess a user interface that you can customize for your own precise needs or style You can get this software from some of the brokerage firms available at this occassion.or you’ll be able to acquire the software on the net Whatever route you choose.

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Suggestions on what category to post this in?

2009-12-21 15:38:23 by rswjobs

Hi all,
We're trying to figure out what category to post our job ad in (since we can't cross-post). Previously we've listed it in "admin / office" but we're concerned the people from this category aren't as technical as we want.
Alternatively, "software / qa / dba" could work, except that while we do a fair share of bugtesting, we still need someone who can answer the phone, reply to support emails, and whose written English skills are above average.
We've given the job title the nickname "Office Octopus" and it's stuck.
I've cut some stuff out to save space, but this is the gist of the ad:
Generic Software Co makes web- and PDA-based software tools for the health care market. We have two successful products being used by clinical clerks,...

My 2 cents

2008-02-03 13:54:29 by FinazzoDevGroup

To answer a few of your questions from your OP:
Yes there are other advertising programs. Microsoft has one; it works similar to Google AdWords but doesn't have the same market share. Facebook has a great demographically targeted ad program; I've used it to promote a similar pet site I created sort of as a hobby (NOT SPAM JUST EXAMPLE):
For that we targeted people with the words "pet, cat, dog, animal, cute, feline, canine, friend" in their profiles. We targeted USA, UK, Sweden, Australia, NZ, and Canada (developed English-speaking countries). Note: Swedes LOVE animals for some reason; we get a lot of hits from Sweden.
Keep in mind, you don't just want traffic, you want GOOD traffic. It's better to pay a premium for traffic that is more likely to convert to a sale...

Transition into Bio-Technology

2004-07-31 12:26:08 by thenextone

And there it goes....
July 30, 2004
India's bioinformatics aspirations
India's plans to become a bioinformatics outsourcing hub are detailed in a report by the British journal Nature Biotechnology (subscription required). The effort is aiming for a five percent market share in 2005, which would require India increase its bioinformatics revenues by 600 percent.
The Indian government said on June 9, 2004, it will build a $54 million Biotech-IT park in Bangalore, Hyderabad or New Delhi.
"The Bio-IT Park would be the launch pad for bioinformatics industry as STPs [software technology parks] were for IT," Satyanarain Zindal, an official of the Indian Department of Information Technology, told Nature Biotechnology.
The Bio-IT park will likely feature space...

Software dev looking to move

2004-10-17 09:02:41 by swanage

I've gone and tacked my resume up in the resumes section, but I like getting the word out in more personable ways too.
Right now I'm in Northern Virginia working with a small software start-up. Not to happy with the philosophy of the company, environment is unnecessarily high stress, and there's a damaging lack of unity. I've tried to effect change there but it's not happening, so I'm ready to move on to the next thing.
As far as skill sets go, my resume covers it pretty well, Java's most natural for me at the moment because it's what I've been developing in at work. I've extensive C/C++ experience as well and also have done my fair share of LISP.
I moved down from New York last year; trying to get back in touch with friends + family around baltimore. Took the NOVA...

Independant software developers -- advice wanted

2006-01-12 12:26:02 by Quimbly

Greetings all,
I'm currently employed at a company as a systems analyst, where basically my job is a systems/applications programmer. The pay is ok, as are the benefits, but the culture and environment certainly leave something to be desired. That's why I'm thinking of changing jobs, and potentially jumping in the software contactor arena. I'm looking for (a) better pay, but more importantly (b) more flexible time off during the year.
I'm hoping that other developers out there can share some advice and some of their experiences in Calgary's IT marketplace. Calgary's job market seems to be booming. Is IT booming as well?
Are you an employee or a contactor? Why? What benefits are one over the other? Why did you choose one path over another?
I'm thinking,...

Online Chatter Affects Stock Returns  — Science Daily

... (now an assistant professor at the University of Houston) are publishing their study in the academic journal Marketing Science on how online chatter -- or user-generated content -- can predict stock market returns a few days ahead of time.

Maximizing the election-year boost  — InvestmentNews
Surprisingly, we can predict stock market performance with that degree of accuracy if we consider that over the past 21 presidential-election years, 18 have shown positive returns for the S&P 500. According to “Presidential Puzzle: Political Cycles and …

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Stock Market Robots|Stock Market Software|Forex Robots|Forex software Reviews
Stock Market Programs
Stock Market Programs
Stock Market Trading Profit Doubling Software
Stock Market Trading Profit Doubling Software
Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg
Mobile Application (Bloomberg L.P.)
  • Read news that is moving the markets, stories selected by Bloomberg editors as the most important stories of the day
  • Find the latest information on the major equity, commodity, bond, and currency...ill down to see which industries and which stocks are driving the equity index
  • Monitor your stock portfolio with a customized list of stocks that you want to...e world, and track up-to-date price changes and market value of your positions
  • Get the latest market data and news for any listed stock
  • Keep track of your most important holdings and the top financial news with a pair of home-screen widgets
Snapwork Technologies BSE / NSE Stock Markets Live
Mobile Application (Snapwork Technologies)
  • Keep up with changes in the Indian economy
  • Follow India's biggest, most prestigious stock exchanges
  • Get up-to-the-minute quotes for important Indian companies
  • Check news on Indian markets and stocks, updated regularly
  • Weigh the advice of market experts from around the world
S&P 500 Index Monthly vs Daily vs VIX Fear Indicator
S&P 500 Index Monthly vs Daily vs VIX Fear Indicator
Money Risk Management Share Trading made simple!
Money Risk Management Share Trading made simple!

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