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Not a great deal to add this Week as I’m still holding the same positions as last Week and no new positions taken.

I struggled again from a day trading perspective, rather unnecessarily really because all I had to do was keep hold of the first day trade of the Week (DOW long from 12, 070) and I’d have had a great Week!

Still holding half EUR:AUD short, intended to add but my ideal adding level was not reached and I missed the boat. This position currently showing 201 points profit, bearing in mind I already closed half the position at 114 points profit.

The AUD:NZD short is also still running and 4 hourly is currently retesting the 200 MA from above. Really need this to break through to get the downside momentum I’ve been looking for. If support is offered at current levels I’ll probably look to close this trade. It currently shows 107 points profit.

DOW system short is still also running, albeit looking significantly less healthy than it did a Week ago.

Going forwards, other than the list of watch-list trades I posted a few days back, nothing new has materialised and if I’m to be completely honest, I have little idea of what to expect over the coming days across main markets and Indices as a lot rests on European issues with the Spain bailout request and China data due overnight tonight will probably be market moving.

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2006-01-25 08:24:45 by thisorthat

So this is about Google searches for porn comitted by kids.
Tell me genius- how can the Government tell if the search was made by kids if the information is anonomyous? So tell me genius, what good will the information the government requests actually do in keeping porn away from kids? None. They are just testing the boundries of this unitary government and you know if this case comes before the Supreme Court with Alito sitting in that crucial swing seat it does mean a serious blow to privacy and *our* being censored- just like China. Tell me if that Chineese leader ever gets asked a question by a dissenter? Sound familliar?
If they need to know what they can find- they can look themselves. They can look and see that there are parental controls in place. They can realise...

Wooosh!!! swing and a miss... his point was

2010-08-12 10:12:32 by 13monthsbho

GM sales are boosted not byvretail demand but by goobermint purchases... all this in anticipation of the IPO... it results in false positive... almost insider trading..

They were in a swing state. so they...

2003-10-12 14:13:11 by lost_bracelet

...should have voted Democratic, although some argue that they were so turned off by the duopolistic nature of modern American politics that they wouldn't have voted at all if Nader hadn't run.
In any case, the reason I had the luxury of voting for Nader was because I live in California, which I knew was swinging Democratic.
I don't know if you remember this, but at the time, there were even Gore-Green vote trading web sites, in which swing state Greens would vote for Gore in exchange for Democrat- or Republican-state Democrats voting for Nader.
I believe that in today's world, well-informed, thoughtful, strategic voting is the best way to go. Be pragmatic, not emotional, when it comes to voting. Read a lot, discuss a lot, and make a sound choice.

Re: Collapse of the middle class

2006-09-04 02:18:06 by OneSikPuppy69

What I find disturbing is the fact that the Wills Family you mention, as well as all other "middle class" households that are reportedly struggling financially, is it's, for the most part, all their own doing.
They spend more than they can afford, generating massive credit card debts instead of living within their means. Do they really need that new car, or can the old one last another year or so while they save money for a bigger down payment? (or enough to pay cash for the new/newer one. Do they really need that new plasma screen t.v., DVD player, computer, etc.? And, did they really have to have 5 kids on their meager income?
I fall in the middle class catagory, but I live within my means. I am single, have a 6 year old truck that will last another dozen years easy if I...

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Swing Trade
Swing Trade

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